Bill Status Report
06-07-2019 - 20:31:35

Track: Sexual Assault   

HB 5   Dwight, Stephen Prohibit convicted sex offenders from participating in or being physically present in a home school program.
Bill History: 01-28-19 H Referred to House Committee on House Administration of Criminal Justice

HB 36   Stefanski, John
Provides relative to temporary restraining orders and protective orders in domestic abuse cases.
Bill History: 06-03-19 G Enrolled

HB 61   Norton, Barbara Extends the time period within which to institute prosecution for certain sex offenses by fifteen years in certain cases.
Bill History: 03-20-19 H Withdrawn

HB 131   Coussan, Jean-Paul
Provides relative to interviewing crime victims and family members.
Bill History: 06-03-19 S Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 162   Connick, Patrick
Provides relative to the administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate to sex offenders.
Bill History: 06-03-19 G Enrolled

HB 268   Norton, Barbara Provides relative to the time periods within which to institute prosecution for sex offenses.
Bill History: 06-05-19 S Set on the Senate Orders

HB 294   Carpenter, Barbara
Provides for anonymous sexual assault climate surveys at public postsecondary educational institutions.
Bill History: 06-06-19 G Effective

HCR 81   Duplessis, Royce
Requests the Louisiana Department of Health study the treatment of victims of sexual assault.
Bill History: 06-04-19 G Enrolled

HR 315   Norton, Barbara Requests the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee to study the practicality of increasing the time to prosecute certain sex offenses.
Bill History: 06-07-19 G Enrolled

SB 71   Carter
Carter, Gary
Provides relative to interpreters for non-English-speaking persons in civil protective order cases.
Bill History: 05-27-19 G Enrolled

SB 145   Johns
Leger, Walt
Provides relative to human trafficking.
Bill History: 05-28-19 G Enrolled

SB 156   Riser
Jackson, Katrina
Provides for access to criminal history information in civil cases of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault.
Bill History: 06-01-19 G Enrolled

SB 182   Hewitt
Miller, Greg
Provides for reimbursement of taxpayer dollars used to pay sexual harassment judgments or settlements.
Bill History: 06-07-19 G Enrolled

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