Bill Status Report
05-22-2019 - 21:27:01

Track: Professional Licensing   

HB 423   Emerson, Julie Provides for the revocation of occupational and professional licenses for failure to pay student loans.
Bill History: 05-21-19 S Set on the Senate Orders

HB 503   Edmonds, Rick Provides relative to licensing qualifications as relates to the Fresh Start Act of 2019.
Bill History: 05-23-19 S Set on the Senate Orders

SB 29   Cortez Provides relative to professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions.
Bill History: 05-22-19 H Passed to third reading

SB 38   Erdey Increases the number of hours of continuing education required for hearing aid dealers that may be taken on the internet or through correspondence courses from three Continuing Education Units to seven units.
Bill History: 05-16-19 H Passed to third reading

SB 66   Riser Provides relative to open meetings of public bodies.
Bill History: 05-20-19 H Passed to third reading

SB 97   Bishop Provides for "clean slate" limited access to a person's criminal history record relative to certain misdemeanors.
Bill History: 04-23-19 S Voluntarily Deferred in Committee Senate Judiciary C

SB 187   Milkovich Provides relative to the conduct of adjudication hearings involving and the re-creation of certain state boards and commissions which issue licenses, permits, or certificates.
Bill History: 05-08-19 S Meeting set for 9:30 A.M. Rm. E Senate Commerce    Video

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