Bill Status Report
06-07-2019 - 20:31:33

Track: Juvenile Justice   

HB 11   Bacala, Tony
Provides relative to taking into custody of a seventeen-year-old who commits a misdemeanor grade delinquent act.
Bill History: 05-31-19 G Returned to the calendar - subject to call

HB 158   White, Malinda
Provides relative to the detention or release of juveniles.
Bill History: 08-01-19 G Effective

HB 241   Johnson, Mike
Provides relative to certain crimes and delinquency provisions when the offender is under the age of eighteen.
Bill History: 08-01-19 G Effective

HB 306   Jefferson, Patrick
Provides relative to continued custody hearings.
Bill History: 06-03-19 G Enrolled

HB 386   Hilferty, Stephanie Provides relative to the release of a child taken into custody for commission of a delinquent act.
Bill History: 05-07-19 H Voluntarily Deferred in Committee House Administration of Criminal Justice

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